Password Assistance

Login and Password Assistance

Please login using your most recent OTIS/Rover or Rover-ONLY username and password.

Request a New Account

Only Project Directors can request new OTIS/Rover or Rover-ONLY accounts for new staff members. To request a new user account:

  1. Log into OTIS at
  2. From "Welcome" in the upper right top of screen, mouse over your name, and select "My Agency" from the drop-down.
  3. My Agency page appears. Click "Request a New User" link at top.
  4. Request New Account page appears. Complete new user form, filling in new user information.
  5. For "Access Type Desired" select "Applicant" or "Subcontractor" and in the "Give Account Access To" field, select your procurement(s) holding down the Ctrl key to select.
  6. In "Reason for Request" field, enter OTIS/Rover account, or Rover-ONLY account, and any additional information specific to the new user.
  7. Click "Save Information" to submit.